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I am an entrepreneur, techie and a foodie. And I am convinced it is our responsibility as entrepreneurs, visionaries and creators to use tech for a healthier self and planet. There are many fields where we have not yet managed to really use technology to our advantage. Food is one of them - and to me it is the most important one.

What to eat? A simple, yet incredibly important question. The one question, we ask ourselves most often in our lives. It builds the basis for our survival, but it is so much more than that: It is pleasure, it is nutrition, it is health, it is happiness, it is future. Or, it can be the exact opposite. But first and foremost: It is not to be taken for granted.


I believe everyone deserves access to good food. But what does that even mean?

I grew up with a younger brother suffering from Asthma and Neurodermatitis. He was a healthy, happy baby. But all the sudden he had a 3-day-fever ending in these two diseases. After years of medical treatment one doctor recommended to my mum: Change his diet. She did. And it worked. 


But we could not afford healthy-food-only diet for the entire family. Organic stores were rare and too expensive for single mother of two. That's when I learned one thing: Healthy food is a privelege. 

For my brother, eating different from everyone else meant feeling left out. Being an outsider. This is tough, especially for a child. So whenever he could, he stole from our plates when we were not watching. But nonetheless, we could see the effects afterwards on his skin. That's when I learned one more thing: What we eat does make a difference.

Fast forward: I ended up stuyding electrical- & information engineering because I always believed technology equips us with the toolset to make a difference. However, after 10 years in a multi-national corporate, I decided to quit to follow my roots. In all this time, very little had changed about the food system.

Therefore, I founded Choosy together with my brilliant co-founders Julius and Hauke. With Choosy, we adress consumer behaviour. We help make healthy, planet friendly eating simpler, faster, cheaper and more fun than ever before. We know the entire system needs to change. But contrary to popular belief, we think the most effective lever is at the end of the food chain. Why? Because demand can be powerful. 

We dream of a world where good food is the easiest choice for everyone. What about you?



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